We Design, Build and Support Wireless Networks

Customized Solutions
Keep your network secure with a customized solution from Comm-Works. By assessing your needs, intended application, and environment, we act as consultants to identify, install, and manage a solution that is perfect for your company.

Mobile and Scalable
Optimize your productivity and improve customer experience with the flexibility of a wireless system. Our customizable wireless solutions permit intra-office mobility, giving employees the ability to work from anywhere.

Business Intelligence
Utilize loyalty programs and social media interaction to track customer activity. The valuable customer data you gain from these programs provide opportunity for targeting and personalization.

Wireless as a Service

Run your business not your network. Comm-Works’ Wireless as a Service gives assurance by providing high performing, compliant, secure, scalable, and a managed wireless LAN across the entire business.

  • Corporate Wi-Fi Access
  • Guest Wi-Fi Access
  • Hybrid Wi-Fi Access
  • Failover Wireless

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