Predictive Wireless Network Assessment: 5 Steps to 5-Star Wi-Fi

Our FREE Predictive Wireless Assessments will provide your hotel with the opportunity to verify that your existing wireless network is built and configured properly, and is performing as it should.

Our Process:

  1. We start with a simple phone conversation to discover your WLAN requirements
  2. Then, we ask that you submit a floorplan to Comm-Works via PDF or CAD.
  3. Comm-Works will analyze your floorplan using: AirMagnet, Survey PRO, and Ekahau Site Survey technology
  4. We will then create a predictive analysis, which accounts for: attenuation values, density planning, overall site coverage with RF, signal to noise ratios, and data rates
  5. Finally, we compile a written report which includes: our findings, heat maps, and recommendations to improve your existing wireless network

Based on our recommendations your hotel can implement remediation steps and finally provide your guests with the 5-star wireless experience they demand.